Brief History

St. John’s English Evangelical Lutheran Church held their first worship service as a congregation in the year 1932.  We were the first Lutheran Church in the area to hold services in English instead of German!

The following year the congregation moved into the church building near downtown Beaver Dam.  That building is currently the Alanon Building on Maple Ave. 

Work was begun on the current building on the north side of Beaver Dam in 1967, and the dedication of the new building took place in 1968.

In 1987 St. John’s became part of the newly formed Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The following year the congregation received a generous bequest which paid off the existing mortgage on the building, provided seed money for the organization PAVE, and allowed improvements to the interior of the building. Since then, we expanded our gathering space and named it "The Back Pew" - everyone always wants to be in the back pew!  We continue to renovate our spaces to make this feel like a home.

During the history of the congregation, two young people have entered the ordained ministry of Word and Sacrament: Peter Bredlau and Janez Kutzke.